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YN Jay Shares New Project ‘Young Wild & Free’




Providing a peek into his promiscuous persona, YN Jay shares Young Wild & Freehis new project. With a soundscape sculpted by Flint-area architects ENRGYMarc Boomin, and Wayne616Young Wild & Free lays Jay’s freeform, stop-start flows on top of airy synths and boomin bass, giving his sex-crazed bars an air of sophistication. His first project since last summer’s Coochie ChroniclesYoung Wild & Free remains exciting across its 15 tracks, moving from signature “Coochie Man” manifestos like the slyly sensual “Summer Walker,” to freewheeling experiments like the chattery and chaotic “IDK What I Made.” The new project balances the more outrageous outbursts with some of Jay’s most tender moments to date, including the mournful and melodic “How I’m Doing,” and the closer “Miss My Dawg,” a heartfelt tribute to his incarcerated friend Rio Da Yung OG.

Young Wild & Free Tracklist:

  1. What It Hit Foe
  2. Coochie Flow ft. Rio Da Yung OG & Louie Ray
  3. Coochie Island ft. Babyface Ray
  4. How I’m Doing
  5. Lose Control ft. Bizzy Banks
  6. IDK What I Made
  7. Tip Off ft. Mozzy & Louie Ray
  8. Aww Man
  9. 2 x 5 – 222
  10. Shake That A$$ Baby
  11. Different Race
  12. Summer Walker
  13. Young Ni**a
  14. Tomato
  15. Miss My Dawg

Young Wild & Free is a proud product of the state of Michigan, welcoming regular collaborators such as Rio, Jay’s frequent duo partner Louie Ray, and Detroit lion Babyface Ray, who brings his luxurious sensibility to recent single Coochie Island. Beyond the Mitten, Jay rolls out the red carpet for street heroes like Sacramento’s Mozzy, who tries his hand at YN Jay’s flow on Tip Off,” and Brooklyn’s Bizzy Banks, whose tumbling verse on “Lose Control” is a tape highlight. Home to the recent video single “Shake That A$$ Baby,” Young Wild & Free is available everywhere via Alamo Records.

Source: Audible Treats