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YN Jay Announces Project ‘Young Wild & Free’ Project,’ Releases Single “Shake That A$$ Baby”




With his animated spin on Flint rap, driven by a sense of sexual frustration that borders on mania, YN Jay has consistently built on his viral arrival to the scene. Diving head-first into the jovial, adolescent sound he’s built a career upon, YN Jay announces Young Wild & Free, his next project.

The project is a Michigan rap affair through and through, featuring appearances from pioneers of the scene including Rio Da Yung OG and Babyface Ray, as well as explosive production from Michigan sound architects like ENRGYWayne616, and Marc Boomin. Jam-packed with Jay’s undeniable humor and unflappable intensity, Young Wild & Free arrives June 1st via Alamo Records

Young Wild & Free Tracklist:

  1. What It Hit Foe
  2. Coochie Flow ft. Rio Da Yung OG & Louie Ray
  3. Coochie Island ft. Babyface Ray
  4. How I’m Doing
  5. Lose Control ft. Bizzy Banks
  6. IDK What I Made
  7. Tip Off ft. Mozzy & Louie Ray
  8. Aww Man
  9. 2 x 5 – 222
  10. Shake That A$$ Baby
  11. Different Race
  12. Summer Walker
  13. Young Ni**a
  14. Tomato
  15. Miss My Dawg

Alongside the announcement, Jay shares his new single, “Shake That A$$ Baby.” Coming hot on the heels of the recent video single, “Coochie Island,” “Shake That A$$ Baby” finds the Coochie Man in fine form, delivering his raunchy rhymes in his laid back flow. 

Over a beat by his favorite collaborator ENRGY, the Michigan rap star plots his empire of coochie commerce, ringing off his extensive resume of skills, rapping, “I can GPS you to this one spot like a navigator/I’ll whoop your a** in the ring like I’m Gladiator/I’ve been counting numbers all year, I’m a calculator/All I need is 7 shots of Henny, I’m an activator.”

Source: Audible Treats