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Pardyalone Releases Single “Not A Home”




Pardyalone just released his viral TikTok song titled “not a home” which accumulated over 8 Million Views on tiktok. This song shows him tapping into some of his more intimate and vulnerable thoughts as he speaks on a past relationship. 

Along with “not a home”, Pardy’s catalog features norable single such as “Sincerily,” “Fuck You,” “Cupid,” and “Inside Out” which have built him a cult following.

Pardyalone is a 22-year-old artist coming out of Big Lake, Minnesota. His music is a fantastic mix of energy, emotion, and authenticity. He ropes in his listeners with his smooth vibrato and heart-wrenching
lyrics. Pardy speaks on his run-in with addiction, family issues, and love through his music.

His ability to switch tempos and flows is unmatched and sure to keep you on your toes. “Not A Home” is a good example of that and you may watch the video below.