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Dilan Jay Unleashes New Single and Video “All Of My Love”



Bringing love and joy back to music, R&B artist Dilan Jay has been building his name up for quite some time. He recently released his new single “All Of My Love” which has racked up over 30K+ streams on Spotify and over 150K views on Youtube within 1 week. The new single is a follow up to his prior release “Be Your Man Tonight” which is nearing half of a million streams within 1 month. Not new to the spotlight or an expanding fanbase, this LA native definitely has a secret and creative recipe to success. 

Dilan Jay’s background as an artist who knows how to create beats that make people move come from his former life as a DJ and later rapper, who performed internationally and sang in front of crowds of many thousands. Also having prominence on the U.S. Billboard charts and beyond, Dilan Jay is definitely growing a massive influence. Listen to “All of My Love” today— an explosively happy song!

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