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New Visual: Gramzunkut Releases Whoa Girl Feat. King Co



Hip-Hop’s origin was always expressive and then it became flashy. As of right now, the world is full of unhappy people and Gramzunkut has still continued to promote going after your dreams even in this rough time.

In his new visual “Whoa Girl” he sheds light on the woman beauty and shares memorable moments with them. Shaking up the scene with another catchy hook with high-quality videos Gramzunkut has consistently released new music videos throughout the pandemic. Join Gramzunkut, and his Whoa Girl’s for a Hot Girl Summer full of joy and booze in his new visual.

He put his money where his mouth is and he is a man of his word and puts integrity in his rap. Most artists are unaware of the amount of work it takes to be successful and one’s greatness is not measured by society’s view of success.

GramzUnkut states:

“It’s amazing to have myself, my music, and my clothing brand on display where the ball drops for everyone to see. When you have all walks of life getting introduced to your brand, it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

Gramzunkut -Whoa Girl ft. King Co
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