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Brandy Addresses Jack Harlow On New ‘First Class’ Freestyle



Brandy is here to set the record straight on wax.

Jack Harlow fueled so much mayhem recently after appearing on the Ebro in the Morning show alongside Ebro, Laura Styles & Peter Rosenberg during their #WhiteIshWednesday segment after seemingly not knowing that both Brandy and Ray J are siblings. Shani Kulture, who was behind the boards spun a few classic hits in which the 24-year-old Caucasian Kentucky native had to guest who the artist on each record was. By the time they got to Brandy’s 1998 fan-favorite, “Angel in the Disguise,” Jack seemed puzzled, before name dropping “Aaliyah” (whose sound is nothing similar to the Cinderella star). The hosts even gave him a few hints, while Rosenberg & Ebro alluded that her brother had a popular sextape [ala Kim Kardashian]. “Who’s Ray J’s sister?” questions Harlow while everyone burst out laughing in shock.

Brandy and Ray J are siblings? Nobody’s ever told me that in my life!

Once the word got out, social media went ablaze and started questioning the rapper’s Hip-Hop card. Some referencing his age for not knowing that era in time, while others wouldn’t give him a pass. A lot of people stating that him not correlating that Ray J and Brandy being siblings isn’t that serious since they don’t look alike, or even the simple that they think Ray might have surpassed her as far as notoriety is concerned considering his attachment to Kim K, his reality TV trek and business ventures.

Nonetheless, Brandy wasted no time clapping back, taking to social media to address the Billboard No.1 chart-topping star.

Fans of B Rocka were certainly upset, especially because she’s such an icon and maybe sometimes overlooked for her accomplishments in music. It’s definitely a generational thing, while others would like to agree that the white rapper should do his homework if you’re going to entertain our culture. Earlier today, the 43-year-old decided to have some fun of her own and drop some bars to his hit, “First Class,” and must I say she snapped. Most know Ms. Norwood as vocal beast, but don’t sleep, she can spit too every now and then.