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Viral Tik Tok Sensations Mason and Julez Release New Album “Going on 21”



Tik Tok is known to help creators blast their platforms to new fans, and last Friday Tik Tok’s viral sensation, Mason & Julez, released their newest album Going on 21. Native to Australia, the brother-duo is ready for any challenge as they walk through their new journey as professional recording artists. A magical pair, Mason’s vocal skills along with Julez wordplay and both of their social influence is a definite recipe for success, getting them on the right and fast track to notoriety.

Going On 21 is just a full-body example of what fans can expect from Mason and Julez throughout the year. Already stepping into the second quarter of the year, the Australia natives are definitely next in line for major creative success. Gaining fans organically and quickly, be prepared to see more of Mason and Julez. Stream the new album below:

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