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Veeta Venom, Washington, D.C.’s Rising Firecracker!




The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is always buzzing with upcoming talent and I tend to bring light to it weekly. This week it’s Veeta Venom, a multi-talented musician from the roots of the DMV, Washington, D.C. She can hop on the mic and spit a sweet sixteen or serenate listeners with smooth vocals, this young artist is definitely somebody to keep eyes on for budding prospects from the region.

She is also a survivor, hence her rebound for stage 2 abdomen cancer the previous decade and raising her young child while pursuing a dream becoming a full time recording artist. Veeta’s sound represent the full spectrum of human emotion, a good example would be her EP ‘Bipolar,’ which sheds light on young black women’s and herself issues in which she fiercely attacks various beats with different chords.

in 2022, she plans on continuing her dream of becoming a full time music star so everything she puts out is pressure and Veeta Venom is becoming a full diamond from it.