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Big Flock Releases LP ‘1 Lick Away’



Big Flock
Big Flock

Big Flock returns with new LP ‘1 Lick Away,’ which sees the Maryland emcee unveiling fifteen hard hitting tracks that he wants listeners to understand a particular message.

“[That’s how] a lot of muhfuckin’ people fall in destruction [on] the internet, they feel as through they have to appease the internet at all times. If you are not posting, if you’re not showing that fat shit, if you’re not puttin’ that bussin’ ’em on shit every fuckin’ day, they feel as though that you lost it. You feel me? Now, me? I ain’t lose shit! I’ll wear that same muhfuckin’ outfit for 6, 7 days straight, n*gga, and I make what the fuck n*ggas is makin’ in rent in an hour…”

Big Flock via his social media

Along with the new project comes a dope visual for lead single “Stupid Sh*t.” Shot by Pack Visuals, the video compliments the track’s energy with shots of Flock delivering the song lyrics outside with a couple of close compadres and in a dark-lit kitchen.