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Saucy Santana Inks New Deal with RCA Records



Congratulations are in order for Saucy Santana! The rising star just revealed that he has signed a record deal with RCA Records.

Santana, who has been changing the game with his popular hitsfrom “Walk Em Like A Dog” to “Shisha”, annouonced on The Breakfast Club earlier this week. This is a big move for Santana as RCA is home to some of the biggest artist in the industry such as Alicia Keys, SZA, Chris Brown, and more. 

Saucy told the host of the Breakfast Club

I feel like that was the only thing that was stopping me kinda. I feel like I didn’t have that complete backing with a major label, ’cause … I put in a lot of work, I worked really hard being an independent artist. But I feel like now, with that major backing, I can clear these certain samples, I could get this radio shit going, I can get these bigger artists. It’s up

Santana was already making headlines for his music, and explained also why he chose to go with a major label versus staying an independent artist.

That’s why I went with them. … When it comes down to TikTok dances, it’s me. When it comes down to videos, I’m telling them how I want my videos. When it comes down to what songs are coming out, I was doing that. When it comes down to writing my music, I was writing songs, top to bottom … I let them know that, I need somebody that understands Santana, but wants to help elevate and push Santana to the forefront.

As to what to expect from Santana in the near future with music? He confirmed that he does have a collaboration with Lil Nas X coming soon.

Check out Santana’s interview below: