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Labrinth Releases Score For Season Two Of Hit TV Series “Euphoria”




Labrinth has released the highly anticipated official score album for season two of the hit HBO original series “Euphoria.” 

Announced in an Instagram post a few weeks ago, Labrinth describes the album as “so much more than a score album…It’s an experience.” The high-octane score consists of 22 tracks meticulously hand-crafted by Labrinth, including all the songs that fans have been requesting including the original version of “I’m Tired,” as well as Zendaya’s vocal version which aired at the end of the season two finale. Other highlights include “See You Assholes Later,” which fans know as the song from the Cassie flower scene, “Dracula (Nate Sees Cassie),” “ICE (We Should Do Drugs)” which fans know as “What’s Up” (Fez’s Song) and “Fun At The Alley” which plays during the scene where Jules, Nate, Kat and Maddy go bowling. Full tracklist below.

In the midst of all the exciting releases, Labrinth has also released the official video for fan-favorite track “Mount Everest” which has been featured numerous times in both seasons of “Euphoria” – watch HERE.

Euphoria Season 2 Official Score (From the HBO Original Series) Tracklist

  1. The Angels
  2. I’m Tired (Long Version)
  3. ICE (We Should Do Drugs)
  4. See You Assholes Later
  5. She Certainly Looks The Part
  6. Dracula (Nate Sees Cassie)
  7. Skeletons (Lexi Needed A Break)
  8. Putting Everything Away
  9. Fez’s Interlude (with Angus Cloud)
  10. El Weirdo (I Relapsed)
  11. This Is Life
  12. Every Second Counts
  13. Truth Or Dare
  14. Washing Off The Blood
  15. Elliot’s Song (with Dominic Fike, Zendaya & Labrinth)
  16. I Don’t Know If I’m A Good Person
  17. Love Is Complicated (The Angels Sing)
  18. Fun At The Alley
  19. Sidekicks Are Smarter
  20. Pros & Cons
  21. At Least I’m Loved
  22. Rue’s I’m Tired (with Zendaya)

Source: Columbia Records