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Justine Skye Blasts Giveon on New Single ‘What a Lie’



Justine Skye is putting it all on wax and being completely vulnerable. If you remember back in December, the Brooklyn native was very candid and opened up to the world about her relationship with her ex, R&B superstar Giveon. She dished out on his infidelity and cheating ways during their time together. So much so that, she even caught him in the act by setting him up though his own phone.

The love affair, which lasted for about 14 months, according to Justine ended shortly after due to his dishonesty. She released her new single, “What a Lie” in dedication to their year-long romance, and a response to his forthcoming single, “Lie Again,” which drops next week on April 29.

“And it blows my mind, happened overnight / What a lie I fell for this time,” she sings. “User, what a loser / No one will ever know how much I put you on / All they’ll ever know is how you sing a song / But what kind of man makes you part of his marketing plan?”

“Couldn’t believe I caught you that night,” she sings on “What a Lie.” “Saw the messages in plain sight / How you never thought to delete, like you wanted me to read them.”

According to sources who have already heard Giveon’s record, apparently it won’t be a response to Justine’s “What a Lie.”