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Blxst Releases Newest Project ‘Before You Go’



Before You Go - Album by Blxst | Spotify

The Los Angeles-born artist, Blxst, comes back with his newest project titled ‘Before You Go.’ Throughout the 13-track project, Blxst shows off his signature soulfully laidback flow while giving listeners his honest thoughts on love, lust and monogamy. There are tracks like Every Good Girl, where he croons about his own romantic life with his significant other. “Every Good Girl is my version of a ghetto Disney story, finding your perfect match despite your differences.” says Blxst.

There is definitely a duality on this project though. With success comes necessary adjustments. On Still Omw, Blxst gives us his opinion on his career, having been thrusted into the spotlight following the release of his ‘No Love Lost’ album a couple of years ago. On the track, he speaks on how he’s gotten closer to his ultimate goal but still has a little ways to go before he’ll be satisfied.

“N***** speaking down, but they know who coming’ up / And I’m still on my way / But the top don’t look too far from me” sings Blxst.

Having come a long way, the LA native is proud to have not taken any handouts to get to where he is in his career. This is evident on many tracks throughout the project but on Couldn’t Wait For It, wheres he’s assisted by Rick Ross, the singer proclaims, “it’s just different when it’s a self-made story”. It’s apparent that he’s relishing in the fact that he worked his way to the success that he is now and who better to flex that type of accomplishment with than a self-made music mogul like Ross.

‘Before You Go’ Track List:

1.) Sky Lounge Music

2.) Never Was Wrong

3.) About You

4.) Fake Love In LA ft. Arin Ray

5.) Pick Your Poison ft. Grandmaster Vic

6.) Couldn’t Wait For It ft. Rick Ross

7.) Still Omw

8.) Keep Comin’ Back

9.) Sometimes

10.) Every Good Girl

11.) Be Forreal

12.) Talk to Me Nicely

13.) Let It Be Known

‘Before You Go‘ gives fans a deeper look into Blxst’s mind, heart and soul. While the project does offer a closer look to his personal love life, it also presents listeners with the struggles that can come with newfound success. As Blxst continues to architect his signature sound that we’ve all grown to admire, this project is his just his latest offering.

The highly anticipated project is released via Red Bull Records / Evgle LLC.

Check out Blxst’s newest project, ‘Before You Go’, now on all streaming platforms.