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Justine Skye And Giveon Are In RAndBeef!




Justine Skye has announced that her new single “What a Lie” will hit streaming platforms this Friday .The song appears to have been motivated by her past relationship with singer Giveon.

“Ya’ll keep telling me to put it in the music! WHAT A LIE … Coming 4/22,” she  shared via her Twitter 

Justine and Giveon broke up in December following Justine discovering he had cheated on her. While on Instagram live  one day Justine shared that the “Like I Want You” singer had been unfaithful and she had receipts to prove it. 

Ironically Giveon is releasing music on April 29th, his new single “Lie Again”.  Responding to a tweet attempting to  compare the two singles, Justine threw shade on her ex while apparently  claiming  that his song is not about her. 

“I already know what this weak ass song sounds like anyway,” she tweeted. “It’s not what y’all think it’ll be.” 

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