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Jack Harlow, Ghanaian Drill, and More Intriguing TikTok Music Stories




The News:

TikTok makes a significant impact week-in and week-out on the charts, but sometimes the most exciting trends exist at the margins. Each week, the TikTok Treats newsletter gives a snapshot of the state of music on TikTok, touching on trending hits, emerging artists, superstar moves, ascendant memes, and much more. This week, not only did TikTok help a favorite artist achieve his first solo number one hit, but the community helped elevate songs from Ghana, Honduras, and Jamaica to internet prominence. Check out some of the fascinating music trends from recent days: 

Check out more extraordinary stories from the world of TikTok this week: 

Check TikTok’s newsroom for more noteworthy stories:

Source: Audible Treats