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Kaalan Walker Convicted Raping Multiple Women And Girls




The SuperFly actor is reportedly facing up to a life sentence after pleading guilty to multiple rape charges. According to Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace, Kaalan Walker promised to introduce a slew of women to celebrities like Drake. Victims claimed that the actor’s promises helped fuel their “hopes and dreams” of one day becoming celebrities themselves.

Walker went on to state some of the actual conversations that Walker had with one of his victims. “He talked about Drake, taking her to a Drake party,” Wallace states. “What does he tell her?” ‘Well, you know what? If you want to do all of these things, if you want to be at parties with Drake, if you want to be a Victoria Secret model, you know what we have to do? We have to film a sex tape. He’s a 22-year-old man telling a 16-year-old girl, ‘We have to film a sex tape.'”

Originally arrested on Sept. 11, 2018, the 27-year-old rapper and actor allegedly conned women into thinking that he would help advance their music and modeling careers only to take advantage of them once they met. Dating all the way back to 2013, when Walker reached out to a girl online and offered her $5,000 to appear in a music video. When she finally showed up, Walker raped her. The victim has sense stated that she never expected to lose her virginity that way. Then, DNA evidence tied Walker to a sexual assault that took place in a parking lot outside of a Tyga show.

Despite adamant about his innocence, Walker was found guilty by a jury on Monday (April 18) for sexually assaulting four women and three teenage girls.

Walker’s lawyer, Andrew Flier has released the following statement regarding the jury’s guilty verdict:

“Mr. Walker adamantly maintains his complete innocence,” states Flier. “He did not receive a fair trial as the jury did not hear many material issues and facts due to being excluded improperly by the Court. There were 25 charges originally and 17 including dismissals and not guilties are gone. [Three] of the main women were found not guilty. This case will be overturned on appeal.”

Walker is due back in court on May 27 and is currently facing a maximum-sentence of 100 years to life in prison.

Singer Kehlani has been very vocal about her stance on this case. Having known one of Walker’s victims personally, she has been an advocate for the women who came forward. In 2021, she released the following statement on how she felt regarding the case. “I am standing with the victims of a serial rapist who I know personally to be aggressive, dangerous and twisted,” she said.

Shortly after finding out the verdict, she took to social media to share her thoughts on the case’s outcome. “I did not forget who tore down victims of sexual assault when this came out,” she continues. “I did not forget what bloggers and blogs and platforms felt like they had to play neutral and give a rapist a platform for the sake of clicks or views when this came out.”

Sydney Stanford, one of Walker’s victims, has also responded to the guilty verdict in separate Instagram post.