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KJInDaBuilding Releases New Album “Mellow Thoughts”



The DMV is known to birth some talented artists and entertainers, and rising PG County, MD artist KJInDaBuilding is definitely one of the next in line to blow. Coming into the rap game with an authentic approach, KJInDaBuilding will go far from his ability to stay true to self.  KJInDaBuilding recently released a new album entitled Mellow Thoughts, a nine-track collective full of different vibes for both loyal and new listeners. Calm, cool and collected with a little bit of turn up in him, the PG County native is ready for the next level.

Privy to growing an organic fanbase, KJInDaBuilding is on his way to grander notoriety, consistently and calculatedly releasing new, quality content. Mellow Thoughts comes shortly after his single and visual releases “Rackz Got Me” freestyle and “Peace Y’all” — which serves as the lead single on Mellow Thoughts. Those small releases held his audience over until the official release of this new album. Ready to continue expanding his journey as an artist and creator, and cater to the growth of new fans, Mellow Thoughts is a great first-time introduction to KJInDaBuilding’s discography. Make sure to stream the official album below:

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