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Kenny Muney And Key Glock Collaborate For Single “Leeches”



Kenny, Key

Kenny Muney has emerged as a pillar of the Grind City scene. Teaming with his fellow Paper Route Empire signee Key Glock, who delivers a standout verse, Kenny returns to share his new video for “Leeches.” On the track from his recent Time Is Muney mixtape, Kenny delivers a ceaseless salvo of slick punchlines laced with the side-eyed awareness of the snakes that surround him, as Kenny raps, “N***** do anything for a bankroll/B****** be chasing the end of the rainbow/These b***** know Kenny Muney got big racks/These b****** know I got juice like a mango.”

The “Leeches” video opens with Kenny and Glock conducting Paper Route business at their kitchen table executive office with an associate. As Kenny passes the workday shooting a fat stack of cash into the trash bin across the room like Kobe, Key Glock follows with his Kareem Abdul-Jabar skyhook. When the associate goes to fetch Glock’s rebound, things get sticky when Glock notices the rack he clipped from the table hanging from the man’s back pocket. The duo throws the spineless thief to the ground and kick him to the curb, showing they won’t hesitate to throw salt on any and all “Leeches.” The new video features a cameo appearance from Kenny and Glock’s PRE associate Big Moochie Grape.

Source: Audible Treats