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Dre’jhean Brings the Island Vibe to Hip-Hop in his New Single “Sauce Life”




Dre’jhean is adding a twist to hip-hop with his new single, Sauce Life. Today, the Jamaican-American artist released his highly-anticipated single which brings the vibrant energy of the islands to the U.S. Dre’jhean is bending the rules on being boxed into one genre with his unique sound, and he plans to be the vibe-setter of the summer. 

Drawing musical sounds from alternative Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and even Dancehall music, Dre’jhean has been able to captivate a fanbase who anticipate experiencing such different ranges from him, ultimately leaving them coming back for more.

With summer a few months away and many ready to feel a sense of normalcy again, Dre’jhean’s single will encourage listeners to get back outside, live life, and vibe responsibly. The light-hearted nature of the song is evident with the vibrant music video that depicts a story of him waking up from a night of fun with his friends. 

After seeing massive success as a producer, Dre’jhean is ready to expand and dominate the music world as an artist. He is inspired by so many cultural icons such as Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Michael Jackson, Nas, Tpain and Vybz Kartel, to name a few. Dre’jhean has been motivated and challenged to take music seriously, seeing through his inspirations where hard work and dedication could take you, especially with his Jamaican roots. 

“The song brings that feeling of being on a beach with friends all around, music on, chicken on the grill, drink in hand, and everyone having a blast enjoying the benefits of their hard work,” said Dre’jhean. Music is something you feel, not just listen to. Sauce Life gives you those feelings needed to have a good time.”

A feel-good hit with a timeless sound, “Sauce Life” will definitely have listeners vibing to it on repeat. 

Source: Transformation PR

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