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Mookie Mook Is Back With New Single “Break The Bank” ft. Bandhunta Izzy



Forthcoming Philadelphia-native artist Mookie Mook is ready for any task when it comes to pushing his music, and the work ethic he has displayed throughout the last few years speaks for itself. He recently dropped his newest single “Break The Bank” ft. Bandhunta Izzy, and it came right in time for the warm weather vibes. Currently maneuvering the industry with creativity and calculation, Mookie Mook is on his way to grand notoriety. With his foot on the gas in 2022, “Break The Bank” is just a firm example of what fans can expect from Mookie Mook this year.

“Break The Bank” ft. Bandhunta Izzy is also paired with an official visual too. Both Mookie Mook and Bandhunta Izzy are renowned for hard-hitting music, and “Break The Bank” is all around a great collaboration. A great recommendation for a first impression of Mookie Mook, “Break The Bank” is readily available to stream below:

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