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Ace Hood Releases Powerful Visual For Single “At War”




Ace Hood returns to transform hearts and minds in revolutionary fashion, sharing the poignant new video for “At War,” the standout track of self-discovery amidst social injustice from his recent M.I.N.D. (Memories Inside Never Die) EP, available everywhere via Hood Nation / EMPIRE

The Alex Heider-directed “At War” video depicts a version of Ace in stark contrast to the Broward County turn-up trailblazer of old, as he steps into the role of a revolutionary who shepherds his people onto the righteous path. Enhanced by the expressive movement of dancer Vernisa Allen, the video for “At War” sees a black-clad Ace Hood in a church painted with the stained-glass sunlight of the outside world as he stands before a masked militia of armed men and women. The video, like the track itself, invites listeners to stand with Ace at the intersection of personal and generational trauma, compounded by the ongoing oppression of Black people–in America and in Ace’s ancestral Haiti– throughout history.

Facing these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Ace’s unyielding introspection, ceaseless faith, and remarkable commitment to righteousness comprise the arsenal of weapons that ultimately triumph over his adversity, allowing him to lead the way for others, rapping, “If I’m not aligning with my purpose, I’m not truly happy/I get this s*** here from a source and you can’t mirror match it/Ain’t nothing realer than me healing up this mental damage.”

Source: Audible Treats

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