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A Gem! R&B Prodigy From Virginia Shann Releases Single “Same Page”




Smooth and ambient, Shann debuts a single where she wants all the love to be on the same accordance thus her and her one person to be on the “Same Page.” The Where Is Parka produced single offers Shann a beat that gives the young crooner space to be as transparent and flexible as possible with vocals that can show off an impressive range as she delves into multiple emotions of the human mind.

I first noticed how talented this young woman was when I started seeing her name in multiple notable places and having the opportunity to witness her perform at my friend Armon Sadler’s live event for his podcast ‘Stay Busy With Armon Sadler’ which took place in the Bronx. Pleasant personality to match the talent and you got a potential game break from the same state that birthed some of the best talent in music history such as Miss Elliott and Pharrell.

Overall Shann gets my approval so get on the “Same Page” with me and play her latest single on your favorite DSP via No WiFi Music Group.

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