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Lupe Fiasco Officially Releases Hometown Anthem “100 Chicagos”




Always ahead of the curve with his art, music, and more, Lupe Fiasco has been setting trends ever since he burst onto the rap scene in 2005. Today, Lupe Fiasco officially shares his new song “100 Chicagos” to DSPs. 

Originally released in January, “100 Chicagos” is an ethereal and anthemic lyrical exercise, eschewing percussion and deriving its rhythm from Lupe’s clipped pronouncements and his interplay with the song’s sliding 808s (themselves a sly nod to the evolution and global proliferation of Chicago’s own drill music).

Produced by Lupe Fiasco himself, the track is adorned with arpeggiating synth melodies, as the rapper weaves in references to local landmarks, cliques, and neighborhoods amidst his casual demonstrations of verbal mastery: “Rest In Peace Virg’, LV, it’s Vice Lord backwards/A simple flip of the monogram/That ain’t shit, I had similes on my sonogram, my momma’s man/Before I was born, I was doing reconnaissance/My baba taught me how to chop a n**** with my chopper hand.” Lupe ends the song with a gentle croon, pronouncing his undying allegiance to Chicago’s west side.

Source: Audible Treats

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