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GForty5ive Releases ‘A Part Of Me’




Jersey artist GForty5ive is a artist to the fullest and ‘A Part Of Me”‘is no exception. The small package of diverse singles assembling ‘A Part Of Me’ showcases the versatility of G’s pen and vocals. He is an astute curator of tunes that cater to different parts of the human emotion and wants to make listeners feel good with each listen.

He goes off vibes and life experiences which gives each track a more humanistic feel to it than most music. G craves good energy and each tune on this offering provides a couple of shot of it.

G is a emcee/singer that deserves a little more recognition and praise with his abilities to procure melodies that please the different parts of the eardrum sonically. He wants to ensure that his music is heard and playing play on your favorite DSP can help that cause.

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