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Cardi B Spotted in The Bronx Shooting Music Video for Kay Flock’s ‘Shake It’ w/ Dougie B



It was clearly a New York City takeover yesterday.

While Nicki Minaj was in her hometown of Jamaica, Queens, Ms. Bardi herself Cardi B was in the trenches of her city, Bronx, NY shooting a music video for the currently incarcerated rapper Kay Flock alongside Dougie B and B-Lovee (both who are also from the Boogie Down BX). The “Bodak Yellow” rapstress sported a red-bandana styled stresses with a white top and distressed jeans as she filmed scenes outside of the popular City Island while fans and supported gathered around.

The visual being shot was for rising newcomer Kay Flock new record, “Shake That,” which is said to be released very soon. The Bronx native is allegedly currently behind bars for a first-degree murder charge and was arrested back in December of 2021. At the moment, we do not have any updates on when he will be released from prison. Cardi took to her Instagram to clear the air on the coincidence that her and Nicki were both shooting videos the same day in their respective cities after fans stormed social media with antics.

Photo credit: @KPSHOTIT