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Event Recap: Don Knock “Regular” Release Party Was The Wave!




The crowd turned out for up-and-coming music artist Don Knock. The Williamsburg hotspot Midnights BK was the perfect venue for the release event for his new single “Regular.” With a patio for mingling and performance space, the packed house vibrated with energy, and the dance floor was flooded with people getting their groove on. The soiree was hosted by Tubbskrueger and featured music by DJ Buka & DJ Dras in addition to the “Regular” debut with special guest King KC. 

“Regular” is about having a swagger playing the field and suits the artist’s poetic bad boy persona. Don Knock lays down smooth vocals over hypnotic beats to set the mood for the track. He is originally from St. Andrew, Jamaica,  and his upbringing cultivated his love of music. From crafting beats and writing songs, his body of work is rapidly expanding and building anticipation for his upcoming EP release. 

Photo credits: Lyndon King / @kpshotit

Source: Playbook MG and Marie The GOAT =D

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