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Lil Durk Becomes “The Voice” Of The Metaverse With NXTG3NZ Announcement




Lil Durk, who is already on top of the food chain in the music industry, tying Taylor Swift with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits of 2021 with 41 songs, including eight Top 40 hits, is set on a new venture to be the voice of the metaverse. Co-founded by Lil Durk, Satoshi Designs and Nexus, the NXTG3NZ digital wearables is set to revolutionize the footwear industry in the metaverse. NXTG3NZ is designed by the legendary Devonte ‘Black’ Young. Devonte is most notable for his streetwear brand Enspire and collaboration with Nike as lead designer of 3 pairs of sneakers for Kevin Durant.

Time Square was flooded by hungry journalists and media personalities who wanted to capture exclusive footage of Durkio’s Metaverse announcement. Lil Durk i now official “The Voice” of the digital trap. We are excited to see what Durkio has planned next for the Metaverse. This goes in perfect conjunction with his new album which you can stream below.

Top photos – Something Light Media

Bottom – @JaiFullenWeider

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