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Brandy Haze Unveils “Swing My Way” Visual




Bringing back the love for the 90s’ era, Brandy Haze is taking over the wheel of love in her new music video “Swing My Way” out on Vevo. With retro-inspired visuals that add a colorful feel beyond rhythmic beats, the lyrics offer a boldness of girl power when it comes to dating in this generation. While the common trend of revolving door dating has everyone in their feelings, Brandy is using her talents of songwriting to call out the hypocrisy. 

In her video out now on Vevo, Brandy Haze takes her sound to artistry to new levels with captivating visuals that showcase just how important it is to keep your confidence high and your patience for uncertainty low. Featuring multiple background dancers and sultry moves that mesmerize viewers, “Swing My Way” offers a deeper look into what happens when women come together to take back the power in dating. Her use of colorful hues combined with nostalgia and modern-day culture can certainly relate to what her listeners are going through in the chaos of love and communication. The concept of being dished out the same energy is one that many women are using to their advantage, and through choreographed moves and intentional messaging, Brandy Haze is expanding on that narrative for women to use in their own lives. 

Brandy has continuously crafted her music around personal experience, and it only yields incredible results that fuel her for more hits. Her singing and songwriting talents drive her to align her lyrics to what people can use in her own journey and make a difference in their lives. Using her feminine energy to channel different narratives is what separates her from different artists out now. The music video for “Swing My Way” is available for viewing on Vevo, and the single is a part of her new album Silhouette Vol 2, out now. 

Source: Urban Fierce Group

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