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The Current State Of Drill Rap In New York, From The Voice Of Rocky Lee, Million Dollar Label’s CEO




Recently Drill music has been all over the news with the recent run of death and incarcerations that involve some of the niche of hip hop’s biggest stars that include Pop Smoke, Kay Flock, Sheff G, TDott Woo, Bizzy Banks, and more. It has became so controversial that the new mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has deemed Drill Music as “the reason” for city violence in the city. It’s to the point that recently leaders of the Drill movement met with the mayor to discuss the future of the niche in New York City.

The roots of Drill itself can allude to violence, but so much positivity can be also be drawn from it. Sure it can be used as a tool of negativity. Still, the root of the issue lies so much more profound, and to explore those issues; I tapped the mind of Rocky Lee, CEO of Million Dollar Label. Rocky Lee was prominent for taking TDott’s music career separately from his dancing abilities for Fivio. Not only is he standing up for Drill, but he is actively looking to resolve the issues of violence that stem from the niche. We both agree that the music itself is not the sole reason for the recent string of deaths. If that was the case, then every subgenre of music and the art itself should be banned because, throughout history, music has been filled with various controversies.

Media outlets were birthed, and communities have started to unify under the subgenre of hip hop. Literal lives such as Fiavo and B-Lovee have been changed to the point that they’re not only able to provide for their communities but putting on for New York City as a whole. New York is known as the mecca of Hip Hop, and Drill has helped New York City go toe to toe with Atlanta and Los Angeles as the current forerunner for the genre. Rocky and I agree that if you take away Drill, then not only do you take away a potential asset for the people to get out of the trenches, but violence will continue regardless, if not at a higher rate.

Resolving the issues that plaques the boroughs of New York run so deep that it requires a combined effort of not only the teams of the artists, label executives, and other community leaders to check what is being put out. Rocky specifically wants labels to encourage creativity within drill music and diversity in delivery that doesn’t engage in literal violence. Music is a beautiful tool, and Rocky wants artists to explore Drill in ways that highlight the best of it. To both of us, that all starts with executives such as the label heads to ensure that the music being put out doesn’t involve any potential threats or disses that can lead to more violence. Also, he calls for the heads of media outlets to encourage promoting more positive examples of Drill and deny promoting Drill music that can lead to death.

To him, it’s not only a necessity Drill is allowed to continue to prosper, but it’s fully needed for the city of New York to be the mecca of Hip Hop. Violence and death happen at any moment, at any time. If Drill is filtered right then, it can only be a tool of helping the impoverished parts of the city become financially fruitful and safe for the children to grow. Rocky also attributes the pandemic, and the hostility people have developed as reasons for Drill’s increase in crime, which is also a valid argument. That is not on any form of music but on the government of New York City to offer programs conducive to the healing of New York City during and post-pandemic.


Rocky Lee calls for change and encourages other leaders of the Drill movement to join in creating a safer city for everybody. As a member of the New York media, we support him and anybody looking to bring positivity to the music scene in New York. Rocky wants to do it for the city, the youth, and his long lost friend, TDott Woo.

Million Dollar Music Record Label Shares Their Condolences For The Loss of Tahjay Dobson (TDott Woo)

As many of us, has noticed a spike in violence throughout New York City has brought many of us to tears. Not only is the community fed up even indie labels such as Million Dollar Records and hip-hop journalists and enthusiasts. Many great artists are passing away due to unwanted violence in their communities and many of their friends are affected by the endless tragedies. 

As the Hip-Hop sub-genre Drill rose to popularity; these kinds of beef are deriving from social media and or were antagonized by gang culture. Nonetheless, the hip-hop dance community has taken a deep loss because the sole creator and hype man of the “Woo Walk” has been devastatingly taken away from his loved ones. Million Dollar Music Record Label has pushed to strategize and bring something unique out of Brooklyn in hopes to bring new music from TDott Woo to the industry. The young rapper and dancer who was close friends of the late multi-charting Billboard artist Pop Smoke and fast-rising Hip Hop artist Fivio Foreign was the face of the culture and had multiple video credits displaying his vibrant personality and ability to dance to support his friend’s movements. 

Rocky Lee, states he was only in hopes of bringing the amazing personality of late “TDott Woo” to the forefront and shedding light on his historical hip hop contributions in Brooklyn, NY.


Photo credits – Suzana Hill, Multi Artistry Ent.

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