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Nicki Minaj Returns To The Rap Game With Two New Singles



Nicki Minaj returns to the scene to prove that she has nothing to prove in her 10+ year reign as queen of rap. The platinum-selling rapper dropped two singles in the past couple of weeks and has shown that even being a legend in the game doesn’t stop you from re-creating your craft and showing growth.

The singles “Do We Have A Problem”, and “Bussin” featuring the hottest rapper in the game right now Lil Baby dropped on February 4th, and February 11th, received much praise from fans and music supporters all across the world.

“Do We Have A Problem” is Nicki Minaj‘s first single and she definitely came with the entire package. The single-turned mini film is a nine-minute video featuring Cory Hardrict and Joseph Sikora complemented both Nicki‘s acting skills and of course her uncanny talent for bars and metaphors that she’s known to deliver. Lil Baby then delivers his verse in his acting skills in which Nicki did say on one of her lives that ” Lil Baby may have had the upper hand on the verse” in the single. The video itself then ends with a second song from the duo that leaves fans wanting more.

Although Nicki did not drop a video for “Bussin”, fans did get to receive the whole song which was a great follow-up to the first. Lil Baby and Nicki Minaj did do a back-and-forth, bar for bar, lineup which showed a great collaboration.

During the course of the singles press release tour, Nicki Minaj shared information about an upcoming album before June which would be her fifth studio project. Fans are eager to see what the 39-year-old wife and mother can deliver as Nicki Minaj has stood the test of times throughout the rap game. She continues to reinvent herself and still be able to keep up with the likes of all the new rappers In the game. 

Check out Do We Have A Problem and Bussin featuring Lil Baby below: