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Pouya Shares Visual For “The Wages Of Sin Is Death”




He came up in the Miami scene with his aggressive mosh pit anthems, but Pouya‘s recent music has mixed that chaotic energy with deep introspection and textured instrumentals. Serenely brooding as he prepares to meet his maker, Pouya shares The Wages Of Sin Is Death,” his latest music video. Produced by Pouya’s frequent collaborator MikeyTheMagician, who layers ghostly vocal samples over wailing sax and snapping percussion, “The Wages Of Sin Is Death” is a smoky and ethereal rumination on the inevitability of death.

With a title taken from a New Testament verse, the song is heady, but not bleak, as Pouya resolves to maximize the limited time he has left: “I’m just trying to win, in this world full of nonsense,” he spits. In the video, shot in crisp black-and-white by Dad Filmed It and cinematographer Paulo Fontora, Pouya sits in a dark dungeon, bravely facing his fate in the form of a man with a sharp sword and an executioner’s hood.

“The Wages Of Death Is Sin” is the latest music video from  dirt/hurt/pain/, Pouya’s new mini-mixtape. Filled to the brim with booming bass beats and jazz-infused melodies, the new mixtape finds Pouya reflecting on the company he keeps as the 27-year-old rapper enters the second decade of his successful career.

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