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TikTok highlights Black Creators For Black History Month




Images by TikTok/Yaw Asiedu

Throughout Black History Month, Tik Tok will share 2022 Trailblazers stories and talent with the hashtag #BlackTikTok. Below are recent black creatives that are highlighted.
@artbydemarcusshawn (Chicago, IL) – DeMarcus Shawn is a creator who captures everyday life moments with light-hearted comedy. His relatable videos have garnered over 5M followers on the app, and his spot-on impersonations continue to delight viewers across the For You Page.
@cultureunfiltered (Los Angeles, CA) – Culture Unfiltered is spearheaded by former radio host and music blogger Masani Musa. It is a hub for music discovery and dialogue surrounding popular culture and trending news in music.
@emmanuelduverneau (Walnut Creek, CA) – Emmanuel Duverneau is a 25-year-old content creator whose love for experimenting in the kitchen stemmed from his mother’s cooking lessons. Emmanuel shares his passion for both dancing and cooking on TikTok and hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and continue doing what they love.
@grace_africa (Los Angeles, CA) – Grace Amaku is a comedian and nurse who shares famous impersonations and relatable comedy on TikTok. As a nurse, she uses her platform to share humorous content with an educational flair.
@immarollwithit (Amherst, MA) – Mya Pol is a sun-loving, tree-hugging, self-named “wheelie lady” who radiates warmth and positivity wherever she goes. As a disabled creator, she shares her joy and passions through dance and sharing her experiences while teaching and empowering her communities with educational content.
@keke.janajah (Killeen, TX) – Keara Wilson is a 20-year-old dancer and choreographer who creates and shares dance videos on TikTok for fun. She was recognized as a 2021 Originator on The Discover List for creating the popular Savage dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song and plans on getting certified to become a group fitness instructor to further her career.
@megagonefree (Ridgewood, NY) – MegaGoneFree is a Black LGBTQ+ independent artist who shares her positive and robust voice coupled with soulful melodies on TikTok. As a Black woman occupying a genre without many mainstream Black voices, she aims to create music that spreads a message of love, open-mindedness, and empathy with her millions of followers.
@sambafilms (Brooklyn, NY) – Samba Diop is an artist and filmmaker who combines his interest in culture and cinematography through videos on TikTok. He approaches visual storytelling through the lens of powerful imagery, messages, and emotions, and he has worked with brands like Netflix, Nike, and Google.
@themomtrotter (CA & FL) – Kay Akpan is an entrepreneur and travel enthusiast who has traveled to over 36 countries with her family and is currently traveling across the U.S. full time in an RV with her husband and 8-year-old. She is passionate about sharing content on TikTok around finance, parenting, and lifestyle to show an alternate way of living.
@thesweetimpact (Statesboro, GA) – Robert Lucas is an IT professional and self-taught cake artist who shares the process behind his cake creations on TikTok. He is known for his incredible artistry, modeling cakes after iconic pop culture references like Nike Air Jordans, Beauty and the Beast, Space Jam, and more. He was honored as a Foodie on The Discover List for his creations.
@tonyweaverjr (Atlanta, GA) – Tony Weaver, Jr. is an award-winning storyteller known for sharing his love for anime and manga on TikTok. He is the creator of The UnCommons, an award-winning webcomic series, the founder of Weird Enough Productions, a national nonprofit, and was the first comic writer selected for Forbes 30 Under 30.
@yeahitsak (Toronto, ON) – Akintoye Asalu is a hip-hop artist who shares his unique lyrics and creative and groovy rap videos on TikTok. His growing popularity on the app inspired him to release his music in early 2022.

#SupportBlack – Spotlighting Black-Owned Businesses

Every day on TikTok, small business owners and entrepreneurs take us inside their workshop, storefront or even the garage, and they share the highs and lows of launching and running their own business. As a part of our commitment to the continued growth of this community on TikTok, we launched Support Black Businesses, a training series that gives Black entrepreneurs and small business owners access to a support network and mentors to help them grow their business.

Source: PR and Digital Marketing firm, Audible Treats