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Icewear Vezzo Releases New Single “Richer Than My Opps”




Icewear Vezzo has entrenched himself as a fixture of the city as both a rapper and entrepreneur. The competitive mentality and devoted persistence required to excel in each of those fields as Vezzo has are abundantly evident in his latest video single, “Richer Than My Opps,” available now. Driven by the infectious repetition of its titular hook and punchline heavy verses, the track finds Vezzo putting enemies on notice that they could never make flexing look so easy, so they might as well stop trying.

The video sees Vezzo posted in a kitchen that would look a scene from a ’50s sitcom if it weren’t for the racks, double-cups, and baking soda on the breakfast table. Flanked by posse at times and trapping by his lonesome at others, the visuals mirror the journey Vezzo took to become “Richer Than My Opps.” Though Vezzo flaunts the spoils of his success alongside his team, it’s his hands that stir the point, and what he cooks up can’t be replicated.

“Richer Than My Opps” kicks off Vezzo’s year in bold fashion as it arrives in the wake of his recent mixtape, Rich Off Pints 2, in September. 

Source: T’Keyah and Michelle, Audible Treats.

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