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Wiz Khalifa, Larry June, and Sledgren Vibe Out In “Chill With Me”




Taylor Gang’s Top Producer Recruits Two Masters of Mellow for a Weeded-Out New Jam

Sledgren shares Chill With Me,” a new song with appearances from Wiz Khalifa and Larry June, available everywhere via Taylor Gang Ent./EMPIRE. Layering sweeping synths and subsonic bass over clicking percussion, the immersive “Chill With Me” brims with colorful details–notice the way the piercing synth melody gradually morphs into a wistful flute as the song proceeds, mimicking the pleasant fade from reality that accompanies a successful trip.

The rappers seamlessly fit the vibe–Sledgren was inspired by Roy Ayers’ seminal hit “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” when he made the beat–as Wiz stacks easygoing flexes and Larry reminds fans that he’s just a phone call away if they want to chill.

Directed by David Camarena, the luxurious new video perfectly translates the song’s inviting atmosphere. Posting up in an ornate mansion, the two rappers and producer gather a crew and show us how they chill. Wiz holds court with a cigar-sized blunt, while a bucket hat-clad Larry sips orange juice as he and Sledgren hotbox the mansion’s study.

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