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Pouya Unveils “Stuck In Admiration” Visual




A staple of the Miami rap scene, Pouya flexed his creative muscles in 2021, releasing some of his most introspective and varied music to date. Driven by a twangy guitar loop and an addictive and self-affirming hook, “Stuck In Admiration” finds the rapper assessing his place in the universe and coming away satisfied with all he’s accomplished. Directed by MidVessel, the song’s new music video combines the song’s reflective and triumphant vibe with some of the absurdity that tinges Pouya’s worldview.

The video uses a variety of styles, focusing on Pouya as he drives through the desert, the background landscapes switches between live action to papercut animation. As a Misfits t-shirt-clad Pouya takes his muscle car through the winding roads of the American Southwest, the video intercuts Pouya’s journey with clips that give the proceedings a dark undercurrent, including morbid sequences of classic animation, old-timey reel footage, and twisted images of classic Americana (Grant Wood’s famous American Gothic duo appear to be reciting Pouya’s lyrics).

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