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The Weeknd Unveils ‘Dawn FM’



Via Republic records

Feeling a bit 80s with The Weeknd’s new release

The Weeknd has been a polarizing figure in music for nearly a decade from a notable switch in sound from his mixtape days. comments on the GRAMMY awards, and his notion to never conform to the status norm. Canada’s songbird returns to follow up his critically acclaimed 2020 release ‘After Hours’ with ‘Dawn FM.’

Composed of sixteen tracks that give listeners a sort of modern 80s feels with different dabs of pop culture with appearances from the cynical actor Jim Carrey, music legend Quincy Jones, dope features from Lil Wayne, and Tyler, The Creator. While it still has a feel of been heard in a clothing store, this go around for The Weeknd can still cater to fans of his mixtape days with suggestive lyrics cleavrilly punned together with impressive song writing.

Do I wish for a darker sounding Abel? Maybe but at least the happier and internationally acclaimed version put out a quality in album in ‘Dawn FM.’ It’s H&M store music but down right, similar to Bruno Mars in ways and that’s alright my my books.