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June Poole Is One Of West Coast’s Finest



Tap in with California’s very own, June Poole! Growing up, June Poole was most known for being an athlete in the area that he grew up in. He played multiple sports, but he knew that music was going to take him out of his comfort zone. He loves to have a good time, so he strives to make music that allows others to do the same. 

When asked why music is a passion of his, June Poole responded “music has always been an essential part of my life—a way to escape certain things. I didn’t think I was like a singer or anything like that. Like when I first started messing around with music, I thought I would be a rapper. But then I started putting more melodies and doing melodic things, and then I became a singer as well. So, I call myself an artist rather than a specific title because I can do both.

June Poole feels like his sound itself makes me stand out. In his approach to music, he likes to make music that is fun. He also believes that by him only being in the music scene for a year, June Poole knows that there is still growth ahead of him. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and he cannot wait to see where his musical journey takes him. Be sure to check his newest release “Red Flags” and be sure to tap in with his latest releases!

IG: @jpooole

Facebook: @June Poole                            

YouTube Channel: @June Poole                         

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