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Whoa Baby! DaniLeigh and DaBaby Have Massive Argument on Instagram Live



It looks like paradise is over for DaBaby and DaniLeigh, who recently had a baby together. Early Monday morning, the two got into an heated exchange on Instagram live. DaBaby was holding the camera towards DaniLeigh while she was feeding their daughter calling him all types of names.

DaBaby claims that he was recording on live to show the world exactly what’s been going on with him and the singer. He told watchers that he was doing this for his safety, and keeping records of the behavior.

Fans were under the impression that this was just an argument between the two for my lovers, but things quickly took a turn for the worse. About five minutes later, DaniLeigh got back on the live, to show that DaBaby had in fact called the cops to remove her and their child from the house.


Now of course, DaniLeigh wasn’t about to let him have his peace without her seeing her side of the story. She also put out a few Instagram post claiming that DaBaby just wanted to still deal with the mother of his children as well as other women while he was still with her. She also let it be known as the two have been living together since their daughter was born three months ago. 

If you guys don’t remember, DaniLeigh was released a song that had the lyrics “yellow bone what he wants”. Some fans thought that this song was a diss record to his baby mother Mimi is a darker skinned woman.