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Meek Mill Posts Tweets About Non-Payment From Record Label



Photo Credit: Page Six

Instead of celebrating the success of his recent collective, “Expensive Pain” debuting at number 3 on Billboard 200 – Meek Mill is in utter disgust and angst against his record label.

In a series of tweets (which some has been deleted), the Philadelphia native vented out his frustrations against his label for failure to disperse funds from his music sales and is looking to pursue legal actions if arrangements aren’t met. 

“I haven’t get paid from music and I don’t know how much money labels make off me!!! I need lawyers ASAP!”

Meek continued, “Ask the record label? How much have you spent on me as a(n) artist? Then you ask how much have you made off me as a(n) artist? I’m about to make my record deal public by Monday just to let the world see what these people on!!!”

He then solidified his last tweet stating, “I’ma war everything that’s mines all ruthless vibes!”

Now, it is extremely unclear of which label (if not both) that Meek is referring to. Currently, he is signed with both Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records – and is under management with Roc Nation. 

According to Rap-Up however, Meek expressed his disdain against label Maybach Music Group (nie MMG) due to contractual issues and wanted an out. There was also speculation that Meek denied MMG founder, Rick Ross access to his birthday party back in May.