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MX Reviews: Dom Kennedy – ‘From The Westside With Love Three’




Longtime Los Angeles staple Dom Kennedy unveils his latest body of work ‘From The Westside With Love Three’ and he is as groovy on beats to the point of his musical origins that it never disappoints. If you come in expecting ‘The Yellow Album,’ which I adore in it’s own right then you’re coming in with the wrong perspective on this latest Dom release.

As an artist you’re suppose to have multiple layers and showcase more of yourself within different release along different times in your life. ‘The Yellow Album’ was a younger, more fiery Kennedy where he just grabbed beats by the horn and unleashed a lyrical onslaught. ‘From The Westside With Love Three’ is a more mature Dom where he roices a good variety of tracks the protrude not only growth as an artist but as a person.

Hr’s not trying to show that he is a star but embraces it and continues to curate quality music.

A couple of my personal favorite tracks are “Don’t Walk Away,” “The Other Side,” and “Valet.” Overall, Dom’s latest offering is a smooth audi ride through the palm trees of Los Angeles and it’s definitely one of my favorite hip hop releases of 2021.

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