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Fat Joe Says Da Baby Is “Modern Day Tupac”



Our beloved Fat Joe seems to have drawn the ire of the internet with his latest comments referring to Da Baby as a modern day Tupac. The incident happened during Rap City’s 21 special, in which Big Tigger asked Fat Joe to name the modern day equivalent of legendary artists such as Jay-Z, Lauryn HillE-40, and more. Needless to say the twitterverse wasn’t having it with Joey Cracks comparison. See some of the tweets below for a good chuckle.

Da Baby predictably loved this comparison. I mean who wouldn’t love to be compared to a generational talent like Pac.

Joe would eventually come out after the backlash to clarify his statements. But for whatever it’s worth we all got a kick out of hearing Joe speak Da Baby’s name in the same breath as Tupac.

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