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Ghostface Killah’s Upcoming Album ‘Supreme Clientele 2’ Will be Executively Produced by Kanye West And Mike Dean



Ghostface Killah

Following up on his classic album in the 2000s era, ‘Supreme Clientele,’ Ghostface Killah implores the likes of Kanye west and Mike Dean to produce the follow up LP that promises to not only hold the beloved sound of the original but add a bit of modern flair to embellished hip hop. ‘Supreme Clientele’ was Killah’s second solo project following his 1996 debut album, ‘Ironman.’ His latest release was ‘Ghostface Killahs’ in 2019.

Back in October 2020 Ghostface announced the upcoming release of the album via Instagram so anticipation was only building for it and adding two of the greatest who ever been behind to boards to hsi upmcing efforts can add spice to it!

The WuTang rapper hopefully adds another impressive body of work to his impressive collection. One thing is certain, he certainly won’t be lacking in the production department with the likes of Kanye and Dean running the show.