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Paris Price Releases “Love Jones” Right After His BET’s Who Got Next: MCs Carry The Torch Appearance



Paris Price

Coming off his breakout performance in the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards show in their BET Digital showcase – Who Got Next: MCs Carry The Torch, Paris Price releases an emotional new single titled “Love Jones,” which puts the DMV native in a position of venting similar to artists such as Drake and J. Cole. 

Relationships are difficult at times, and Paris uses music to engage his audience to understand the meaning of love from various points of views. The concept should hit home for people from all demographics since the want for unconditional love is a universal thing of human nature. 

What’s the “Price” of love you might ask? According to Paris, “at the moment he curated the single, he was ‘Jonesin,’ or craving a woman similar to how people are addicted to food, alcohol, or drugs.” 

However, instead of letting it flow, it was forced, which led to the downfall of the situationship. Price uses a melodramatic beat to invoke lyrical diaspora that makes your average listener think about the vitality of the love they seek. 

Paris encourages his fellow black men to be more open to showing their emotions to develop more cohesive and unconditional love-felt relationships. Too often he sees his colleagues and other men on social media concur hiccups that could be avoided. So he curates “Love Jones” with love and purpose. 

“The purpose of the song is me saying I don’t want to have so much love for someone that it is ruining my day if I don’t see them,” Paris states. To the point where I can’t eat, sleep, and breathe without them. Previous traumas and life, in general, will make relationships hard and vulnerability even more complicated.” 

With his latest single, Paris Price is encouraging fans worldwide to step out of their comfort zone and wants men to embrace being able to speak on their emotions. A music video for “Love Jones” is set to drop at the end of October and a full project from the rising rapper is in the works to drop later this year. 

However, to quell his forever growing fan base yearning for new music, “Love Jones” is available on all DSPs via Perfect Time Music Group to keep all of the certified lover boys and girls happy!