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Nelly Reflects on his I AM Hip Hop Award



20 Years after bursting onto the scene with his hit single ‘Country Grammar’ Nelly finally appears to be getting his due with his acceptance of BET’s ‘I AM Hip Hop’ award.

To say the Nelly is deserving of this award would most certainly be an understatement. He’s sold over 21 million albums worldwide and amassed 3 Grammy awards in his storied career. Nelly was on such a hot streak in his career that he even crossed over and did a country song with Tim McGraw.  This is a collaboration that we wouldn’t truly come to understand until an artist by the name of Lil Nas X came out with a country song.  Nelly acknowledges Lil Nas X in the statement below and even threw his support behind the controversial young artist.

“You have someone such as Nas X who was able to come out and create such a stir in being himself,” he said. “Do I always agree with Lil Nas X? I don’t always have to agree with Lil Nas X, but I agree that Lil Nas X has a right to do him. And that’s what I support. I support that young brother’s right to do him, period.”

Added Nelly, “That’s my cat, man. He alright with me. We all get a little buck wild. I may not agree with everything, but I agree with his right to do him.”

He also goes on to voice his support for other acts such as  Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, Yella Beezy and even Drake.

From the tenor conveyed in this interview it seems that BET has made the correct choice once again. Nelly understands his stature within our culture and most importantly though he may not always agree with the choices of younger artists he understands that giving them a chance to develop as human beings will ultimately benefit our culture overall.

You can watch the full interview below.

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