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Lil Durk’s Wunderkind Booka600 Shares ‘Loyal’




Skillfully weaving melody, emotion, and pearls of wisdom into his street stories, Booka600 always stands up for his brothers. Stressing the importance of being true to friends and oneself, Booka shares Loyal, his new project. A protege and close friend of Lil Durk, Booka shares his mentor’s knack for articulating plainspoken truths about life in the trenches, but adds a sweetness and sensitivity that resonates even through his toughest moments. 

“Loyalty is a concept I’ve been raised with, my mom instilled in me,” says Booka600. “I was taught at an early age to be there for my people, take care of them, feed them, period. I base everything I‘ve been going through on being loyal to my family, my friends, and to my fans. I’ve been there for my friends and they’ve been there for me through breakdowns, through arguments, it’s about choosing them over the world. You might not see it today but they might save you from something that may happen in a few years. We embody the meaning of Only The Family.”

Loyal continues Booka’s steady rise to prominence that started with his 2018 mixtape Six Summers and 2019’s Word To LA. He’s a regular contributor to Only The Family compilation mixtapes, including Loyal Bros, the fourth OTF compilation tape, which dropped earlier this year. Booka’s contributions included  Apart” (2.4 million views), a tribute to his late OTF associate King Von, “JUMP,” also featuring Durk, Von, and Memo600, and “Game Face,” a collaboration with Tee Grizzley. With Loyal, Booka aims to prove that he can stand out on his own, even as he remains true to the bros who helped him reach the top.

“I feel a responsibility to be loyal with my fans because they are so good to me,” adds Booka. “I keep them involved with my creative process and I try to keep my word with them. When I say I’m gonna drop I’m doing my best to keep my promise. My fans have been loyal to me with the energy and interactions they send me – they tell me, ‘I’m here with you, I’m rooting for you,’ or ‘I’m waiting on this song, you changed my life.’ They let you know. That’s who I do it for.”
Loyal is available to stream everywhere via EMPIRE.