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GSO Phat Is Ready To Be A Star



At only 19 years old, Phat has embarked on an exuberant musical journey that will take him nowhere but up. He was born in Mississippi, the young artist grew up listening to the south greats like Boosie, NBA Youngboy, Lil Wayne. Upon listening to his music, you can clearly hear the southern influence, the bounce in the beat, the pain ridden lyrics mixed with melodic tendencies. His sound has created major waves and he even landed himself a record deal with the music label Cash Money Records and 7 Kings Ent. When we met Phat was about to perform for the first time in NYC to an intimate but lively crowd. When he touched the stage it was clear that he was born to do this. After steadily dropping successful singles, GSO Phat is gearing up to drop his debut project, Chosen One, which is set to come out before the end of the year. Check out the photos from his NYC performance below, read what GSO Phat had to say, and make sure you keep a look out for Chosen One.

You recently got signed to Cash Money, which is no regular feat especially by someone that’s only 19. What have the past few months been like for you? 

Really, this is a dream come true. It’s a blessing because I got signed with no numbers. 

You got a song called Thuggish Lady, what does it take for a shorty to be your thuggish lady? 

Honestly all she gotta do is rock with me, ya feel me. Keep it solid. Take that shit serious.

You grew up in Mississippi, down south. Who were you listening to back then? Were you listening to like Lil Wayne, Boosie? 

Yeah, I listened to Boosie. I used to listen to a lot of club shit. Out there people really be on that bounce shit. Like, “Pull up at the club VIP” You know what i’m saying?

I definitely hear a little bit of NBA influence too. 

Everybody say that but I’m really different from all that. That’s what people say, because that’s the culture I’m from. YoungBoy made it from the South, rarely people make it from the south long term.

Southern music is really popping right now especially the Baton Rouge, Mississippi area right now. It’s got that bounce, super catchy hooks, hard lyrics and beautiful melodies. When you were getting started, is there a certain musical direction you were going in? 

All them old songs. I done elevated from that, I be on that rock star shit. Right now I’ve been making like Juice Wrld and Travis Scott type shit, but I still make that back home shit and I do that pain. I’m versatile. 

You have your own kind of tag in your songs. On some of your songs go ” Oh, no, no, no, no” Is that your official tag?

I don’t know. I made my first song and people liked it. So I just stuck to it. When you hear that, you know I’m bout to come on. It’s really pressure. 

You’ve been dropping all these singles, but can we expect a project any time soon?

Album coming soon called ‘Chosen One’. I got a lot of features on there like five, but they all major. I got one with Yungeen ace.