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Pay Up! Rick Ross has Agreed to Pay Baby Mama $11,000 in Child Support



Rick Ross has agreed to pay his 3rd baby mama, Briana Camille, $11,000 a month in child support for the three kids the two share together.

A judge signed off on the request that also includes the mogul paying the kids’ health insurance and extracurricular activities, which is estimated to be around $7,560. Ross could likely pay up to $3k more annually in the future. In addition to the child support, the rapper agreed to pay for Briana’s lawyer fees which is $25,000. Payments were based on Ross’s monthly income which in the court document’s is listed at $585,000 while Camille’s was listed at $142.

A DNA test taken last year by the rapper proved he was in fact the father to their first two babies Berkley and Billion. At the time Briana was also pregnant with their third child. She requested that Ross take the test in order to receive temporary child support.

Ross is no stranger to the baby mama drama as he shares a 16 year-old son with a woman by the name of Tia Kemp. Tia took to social media for years to vent on how the 45 year-old rapper never helped her take care of their son William Roberts III. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when Ross penned an Instagram post to his son for his birthday that the public knew he was involved. In the post Ross states “how proud he was of his son” and also stated that he gave his son a Wingstop Franchise for his birthday.

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