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Derek Minor Puts Together Unique Cast For ‘Highlight Tapes, Vol.1.’




Featuring an diverse crew of collaborators including FoggierawScootie WopAaron DewsR-SwiftB. StokesEdifyGee SlabA.I. The Anomaly, and Makeba as well as RMG affiliates CanonMissionJon KeithTony TillmanRoy Tosh,Quinten CoblentzMvkeyyJ,King Chav, and Parris Chariz, Nashville native Derek Minor connects with Universal Music Production for his first rendition of ‘Highlight Tapes, Vol. 1.‘ 

Spearheaded by focus track “Wins On Me,” the project also includes standout’s “Buckets,” “Get It,” “Off The Rim,” “Uh-Uh,” and “All In The Wrist.” You know that euphoric feeling you get after your favorite player just made a major play? Or the sensation that tingles through your body when you hear the names of sports legends? How about that heart thumping reaction you get while watching a big championship game? Those emotions are exactly what ‘Highlight Tapes, Vol. 1‘ ensues, which should not only relate to athletes or former ones but also people who love to casually exercises.

It’s definitely a good assemble of music to get energized to or motivate you throughout the day with. Derek Minor and the rest of the support cast did a good job of giving a unique perspective on each song that gives the project a very unique taste.

Get your head in the game and stream Minor’s ‘Highlight Tapes, Vol. 1‘ on your DSP of choice.