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LA Singer/Songwriter Holiday Releases New Single, “Black and White”



Holiday – “Black and White”

R&B singer/songwriter and LA native; Holiday is on the brink to becoming a powerhouse in his own right. His alto vocals accompanying the context of each, and every song written, tells a story of significance – therapeutic for many and a zephyr for those who appreciates music from a sonance point of view. Holiday’s latest release, “Black and White” is a clear depiction of his talent and overall persona. 

A partnership where both entities have too many similarities could be nothing short of hurdles, often becoming chaotic where the parties can often clash. “Black and White” is an introspective record that unfolds the layers towards the end of a relationship. Holiday – spews melodic notes, unveiling the painstaking confusion of either wanting to be present with his love interest, or permit her to end her phase in his life. 

Like Drake’s notable mention, “Marvin’s Room,” Holiday’s attempt to understand his love interest and the uphill battle they have confronted themselves with. Though the couple are not together, it is easily identified that the two parties cannot let one another completely go. 

“Black and White,” is not the presumption of a slow-paced record based on the context. In fact, the rhythm has a fusion between Afro-Beats and Contemporary R&B. Produced by Kenyan based producer O D D Z, Holiday spins the up-tempo beat into a more recluse, melodic, and relatable sentiment that the average listener can acknowledge and appreciate. 

 By the second half of the record, Holiday, sparks curiosity of how his old love interest’s new love interest is treating her. 

The most notable quote of the second part of the record: 

“I hope he’s fixin’ all your problems. ‘Cause I was always down and could solve them.”

Nonetheless, whatever the decision made of Holiday’s love interest – he wishes her the best in life. 

 “Black in White,” is currently available on all music platforms. Be sure to follow and support Holiday in his endeavors. 

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