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Tru Hunnit Releases Teaser of New Video Game, “Tru or Die: Chiraq”



Chicago rapper Tru Hunnit recently released a teaser in lieu of his new video game; “Tru or Die: Chiraq.” 

The video game consists of Tru Hunnit as the main character, who’s life transitioned from being a prominent college basketball star to becoming part of the violent reign on the Southside of Chicago back in 2012. As the narrator of the roleplaying video game, Tru divulges into the realm of the Windy City – where the gamer may encounter different survival tactics as a criminal or to become a productive citizen by working as cashier or joining law enforcement. 

It also acquires a lot of opportunities – both legal and illegal to make a living for your character. The interactive game also suggests that once your character is deceased, make certain that all their valuables and assets are protected for other gamers could loot their body and valued items. 

Highly interactive in nature and realistic graphics, “Tru or Die: Chiraq” designed to interact with other players online under Drill Mode. It is the first of its kind that has its own unique style of development from its original blueprint and design created by The Shade Game Dev in Unreal Engine via Tru’s multimedia company ‘A Tru or Die Inc.’

Currently, the video game is available for pre-order to which the PC version will make its debut in December 2021, whereas game systems such as: Xbox and PlayStation will follow suit in early 2022. 

For more information, including business opportunities, branding, and product placement, visit ‘Tru or Die: Chiraq’ website and be sure to follow Tru Hunnit on all social media platforms. 

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